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Find the Fairy Goose Detectives!

"Great Gooseberries! Where could they be?" The Fairy Goose Mother's voice cut through the quiet darkness of my pre-dawn bedroom.

I opened one sleepy eye to read the clock glowing on my bedside table. It was 3:15 am. This morning came a bit earlier than I'd planned. But, it's my job to listen when my characters have something important to say. So, I tossed my blankets aside, hopped out of bed and put my feet into my fuzzy slippers.

The Fairy Goose Mother clicked her Fairy Goose wand and the blue and red police lights flashed and circled around my no longer dark or quiet bedroom.

"What's going on?" I asked her.

"Detectives Clawed McDiddle and Allie O' Dumpling are missing!" she said. "Missing?" I asked. "What do you mean?" "I mean my Missing Creatures' Detectives are MISSING!" she shouted. "Nobody knows where thay could be. I asked Mary, but she was contrary and didn't answer. Then I asked Jack and Jill, but they were in a hurry to get to the hospital.The three mice said they didn't see a thing. I even checked Old McDonald's farm, but there wasn't a detective here or a detective there. There wasn't a detective anywhere! "Wait," I said, remembering today's date. "It's October 3. I know exactly where we'll find them!" "You do? Oh, thank goose-ness," she said. "Where will we find them? "Today's the day Claw & Order: Fairy Goose Unit book #1 THE PIGNAPPING is released and they're in it, so we'll find them pretty much everywhere books are sold online!" "You mean THE PIGNAPPING is available now? Can we find it on Amazon?" * "Sure, you can find it on Amazon." I loaded the site on my laptop. "Look, here it is."

"Wait!" she said, sounding alarmed again. "I'm supposed to be in that book too!" "Then you better FOLLOW THIS LINK TO GET THERE NOW!"

*Claw & Order: Fairy Goose Unit THE PIGNAPPING is available in paperback & ebook on Amazon, and will also be available in paperback, ebook, hardcover and audiobook versions through most retailers online as it is added to their online inventory over the next few days & weeks.

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