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I'm now scheduling school visits for the
2023-24 school year!


Shhhh- if we don’t tell them they’re learning, they’ll never know!

Author Visits encourage reading, writing and creativity as well as exposing students to a fun, rewarding career option – writing. I'm available for both in-person and virtual visits, and can design the program to your specific needs.

Much like the Kinzie’s Kinventions books, I’ve designed my visits to combine both ELA and STEAM into one ‘Kincredible’ experience. One great example is the topic of revision. Not only will students learn how many times I revised my first Kinzie manuscript (it's A LOT!), but they also get to see how revision takes a story from good to great, and they'll see a live demonstration of a very cool, ‘Kintastic’ science experiment. Plus they’ll get the ‘Kinstructions’ to easily repeat the experiment at home. They’ll think we’re just having fun. I won’t tell them if you don’t!


Contact me and let’s make their school day a bit more ‘Kinteresting’!  

Contact me at

to discuss pricing & availability! 

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Whatever you decide,

I 'mustache' you to expect to have fun!

Educator Testimonials

~It is so amazing in this virtual world to be able to connect (Kinect,?LOL) with an author whose books we have actually read. It makes the world seem a bit smaller. My students loved the experiment and were eager to try it on their own. I liked that it was made with around the house items that can be easily obtained. This visit really made our virtual learning brighter. It is a crazy time, but experiences like this really are the heart of education. I would absolutely recommend a virtual author visit to others.

~It was such a wonderful presentation. The children loved hearing your manuscript and comparing it to the published chapter as well as the experiment.

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