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Moo-La-La-Ti-Da! tells a story of friendship, acceptance, kindness and the value of being unique.

Ella Bella Bovine takes the bull by the horns and makes some changes around the drab farm. She dips her tail in dazzling paint and...Moo-la-la-ti-da!

Most of her friends love the beautified barn and line up for makeovers, but Shania shies away.

She simply isn't fancy.

Can friends stay friends even if they are different?

You bet your cowtail they can! Being unique is what makes us all so moo-velous.

Kinzie's Kinventions: Kinzie's Got Talent (Book 1)

It’s talent show time, and Kinzie could win a real pretend-gold trophy!

There’s only one problem. Kinzie can’t find her talent. Sure, she’s good at a lot of things. But dodging the Ferocious Lee Monstrous monster in the basement, fixing her best friend’s tapped-out tap shoes, and reading Whiz Kidz science magazine don’t count as talent.

But could they be part of a bigger, soon-to-be-discovered talent?

Kinzie's Kinventions: Earth To Kinzie 
(Book 2)

Kinzie’s ninety-eight fans love her problem-solving videos on her very own Kinzie’s Kinventions ViewTube channel!

But how do you solve problems like a new wobbly-bobbly-headed baby brother or a know-it-all big sister?

Lucky for her, Kinzie doesn’t have to invent anything for those problems because her sister tells her a secret. Kinzie’s from Jupiter, and her space parents will return for her on her seventh birthday. That’s in three days! She can blast off to Jupiter to live with her space parents. Problem solved, easy-peasy cherry freezie! 

But what if she misses her Earth mom and dad? Or her friends and pets? Or … what if Kinzie’s sister is just tricking her?

Kinzie's Kinventions: Kinzie And The P.U. Zoo
(Book 3)


The whole class is going on a field trip to the zoo!

But too bad for classroom rivals Kinzie and Ben. Neither of them can go thanks to getting—and sharing—pink eye. To make it even worse, Ben’s mom can’t take off from work, which means Ben has to come to Kinzie’s house for the day. And there’s no time to make a Kinvention to stop that.

Kinzie and Ben decide if they can’t go on the field trip, maybe they can create their own backyard zoo instead. What could possibly go wrong with that great idea?

Book 3
Book 4
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