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Need a Special Gift? I've GOT you! How about author-signed books?

'Tis the season when we're all trying to think of what to give the people we love. Well, if you're looking for a gift for someone between 0-10 years old and/or for their teachers, consider giving author-signed copies of any of my current books, and I can personalize them for your reader too!

I'm very excited to add this option on my website for you. Unfortunately, I'm not able to offer free shipping like some retailers can so if you're not looking for signed copies, feel free to purchase from anywhere they're sold. However, I've often been asked how someone can purchase a signed copy of my books. So, it is for that reason I'm really happy to be able to meet that need. Head over to the new BUY BOOKS tab, and place your order. You can have them signed, personalized and sent anywhere within the continental US.

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