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We're Planning a Party on Facebook Because We Can't All Fit In My Cloffice!

Are you wondering how this happened? Keep reading for this story!

I opened my cloffice (half closet, half office) door and found the full cast of characters from my different books and a heap of clothes, accessories & makeup. Ella Bella Bovine must have opened her Moo-Tique here. “Ella Bella,” I said. “Haven’t you already learned that friends don’t need to be exactly like you to be liked by you?”

“You bet your cowtail I did,” she answered. “I’m not trying to change anyone. We’re getting ready for our Halloween party. Besides, how could I make Kinzie any more kintastic? You’ve watched her Viewtube videos! That kinventor oozes charisma and charm.”

Kinzie grinned at Ella Bella said, “Make sure you drop me a like and subscribe to my channel to learn how to make my coolest Kinventions!”

Ella Bella pointed to Allie and Clawed, “And, as for the detectives, the Fairy Goose Mother has it all under control.” The Fairy Goose Mother sprinkled fairy goose glitter from her wand coating the heaping mess. I’d be cleaning up glitter until next October!

Clawed flashed his Fairy Goose Unit detective badge at me.

“Messy cloffices give most people goose bumps. Fairy goosebumps. But not me. When a mess appears, I’m the cat who will calm your fears.”

Allie added, “This is nothing. You should see the mess my triplet kitten siblings make in the old woman’s shoe! We’ll have this cleaned up lickety split.”

“Wait!” Kinzie said. “We can’t clean up yet. We have work to do!”

“You mean I have work to do, and that means I NEED my cloffice cleaned,” I said crossing my arms.

Kinzie rolled her eyes at me. She loves that trick.

Then she said, “You PINKY-PROMISED you would do everything you could to make sure KIDS LOVE READING BOOKS. I have a great idea for that.” She showed me a new page in her Kinventor’s journal. “Having a S-BOOK-Y Halloween Party will be the funnest fun! Having fun makes kids WANT to do things. So, they’ll want to read more.”

“Great gooseberries that’s a great idea! Grown-ups can win our fun & funny books for their kids,” Allie said.

“And they can win semi-valuable gift card prizes for themselves,” added Clawed. “It’s got to be fun for them too, right?”

“A party will make reading more fun for everyone! There won’t be a bit of boring left anywhere!” Ella Bella said, dipping her tail into an open paint can. Maybe my cloffice wouldn't be clean until next, next October.

“A SBOOKY Halloween party sounds magical,” the Fairy Goose Mother said as more fairy goose glitter sparkled out of her wand. Make that next, next, next October.

“So can we have a party, pretty pleasey cheery freezie?” asked Kinzie.

"How could I say no to that great idea? Let’s invite EVERYONE!”

So, will you join us for a chance to make reading more fun and win author-signed books, reading play packs and even some semi-valuable gift cards so the adults can enjoy their Dunkin’ favorite?

Here's how to join the party:

1. Join this event. Then, Download the first two chapters of Claw & Order: Fairy Goose Unit THE PIGNAPPING from this link.

2. Let's PRE-PARTY! Go to the linked Facebook post and tag a friend or family member who also has a child age 9 or below and might want to join our party for your first chance to win!

3. Come back the Facebook event every day between 10/21-10/25 for a new chance to win. Winners will be announced here, and announced in the BoockWorm Newsletter.

Thanks for playing!

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