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Happy Book Birthday, Ella Bella Bovine! Plus...a giveaway!

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Moo-La-La-Ti-Da! was just released!

That means today's my birthday AND my latest book's birthday too. I love birthdays - the excitement, the wishes, the CAKE! So, I'm throwing a virtual party and YOU get the presents(but, I'm eating the cake)!

Where did you get the idea for this book?

When my kids were a little younger, they got a kick out of their dad's (bad) jokes. One he used maybe a bit to often was "Where does a cow go on a date?" Answer? "To the MOOOOvies!"

Cringey? Maybe. But it got them thinking about words and puns. And, as a logophile (lover of words), I appreciate a good pun. So, when my daughter used the phrase 'Moo-la-la', I spun that around in my mind until the story of the fancy cow who paints the barn beautiful began to develop. Approximately, five million and one versions later, it's finally published and ready to be shared!

Cool story, but what about the presents you mentioned we get?

Great question! I've got something for everyone and some grand prizes too! Here's how to get in on the goodies - It's as easy as 1-2-3-4!

Just complete these four steps by Friday, September 17th to be included in the giveaway.

  1. Subscribe to my Newsletter (I promise I won't give your email to anyone, and I won't clog your inbox with useless garble, pinky swear). If you are already a subscriber, you can skip this step and thank you!

2. I love to be social. So, let's be friends! Follow me on the platforms of your choice.

3. The operative word in social media is social, so the more the merrier! Invite your children's book loving friends (elementary teachers, librarians & parents, etc.) to play by sharing this post with them (email, social media, balloon mail, smoke signals - your choice).

4. Reply below to let me know you're playing. Everyone who plays will receive a free

printable download of Ella Bella Bovine's Fashion Doll. Print and distribute to your children, class or library visitors!

Plus, let me know whether you are a parent, teacher, or librarian and I'll enter you to win either a Virtual School Storytime Visit or a copy of the hardcover picture book, Moo-La-La-Ti-Da signed by both the author and the incredibly talented author, Nivya Kuriakose! There will be one winner for each of those prizes.

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