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Hello my friend. I'm so happy you're here!


                                          Do you remember that moment when                                                                letters became words, and then words became                                                 stories? It was pure magic for me. I've been                                                         hooked on books ever since. 

                                  Sharing that magic with the next generation of readers 

                        is my passion. I love writing books to that keep young readers turning pages. And I love making lesson plans, discussion guides, puzzles and worksheets to support the very special adults who support those young readers. 


My goal is to update my website often and to keep creating new fun for my readers and their adult supporters. YOU are why I do what I do. Be sure to join my subscriber list for access to all of the free resources and fun and visit often for updates!

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My Books 

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About Donna Boock

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When Donna was eight years old, she dreamed of becoming an astronaut. Or maybe a news reporter. Or the person who names lipstick and nail polish those fun names like “Mauve-alous Darling.” But now she’s excited to do something even better. Now, she can do anything she wants, just by creating the story. Magic!

Another thing she always wanted was to be accepted by her peers without having to change who she was to fit in with them. She wrote Moo-La-La-Ti-Da! to encourage children to stay true to themselves because they are be-you-tiful exactly as they are. Kirkus Reviews said, “...Boock...masters the art of choosing the perfect words for every page, especially glamorous (and sometimes invented) rhymes: razzled, dazzled, and pizazzled... The friendship lesson here, along with the clever turns of phrase and vivid images, are likely to make this a hit with Fancy Nancy series fans.”

Donna is also the author of the very funny chapter book series Kinzie’s Kinventions including Kinzie’s Got Talent, Earth to Kinzie, and Kinzie & the P. U. Zoo. She likes to think that Kinzie would be best friends with Junie B. Jones if they ever met in illustrated person.

A member of the Society for Children’s Book Writer’s & Illustrators since 2005, she served as Co-RA for the Eastern Pennsylvania chapter from 2013 until relocating to Venice, Florida in 2016. Her first published story, Ducktective Max Quacks and the Missing Farm Animals appeared in Highlights for Children in April 2009, and Night Owl Nabs the Sheep Snatcher followed in the July 2011 edition.

In 2018, she gave in to her entrepreneurial spirit and began an independent publishing company. She wears many different hats, but loves being a part of book creation from idea to book and beyond.

Donna loves sharing her passion for reading and writing by coming to play, oops, visit schools in person or virtually. She also creates free materials like lesson plans, discussion guides, puzzles, and worksheets to support the incredibly special adults who support those incredibly important young readers. Join her newsletter for full and absolutely free access to these materials. 


Invite Donna in for a visit to your classroom. But…shhhhhhh…if you don’t tell them they’re learning, they’ll never know. They’ll think they’re just having fun!


For any media inquiries or school/library/community

visits, please contact


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