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                                          Do you remember that moment when                                                                letters became words, and then words became                                                 stories? It was pure magic for me. I've been                                                         hooked on books ever since. 

                                  Sharing that magic with the next generation of readers 

                        is my passion. I love writing books to that keep young readers turning pages. And I love making lesson plans, discussion guides, puzzles and worksheets to support the very special adults who support those young readers. 


My goal is to update my website often and to keep creating new fun for my readers and their adult supporters. YOU are why I do what I do. Be sure to join my subscriber list for access to all of the free resources and fun and visit often for updates!

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My Books 

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Why in the WORD?
My Special Word Book 2
Words matter.

Together, we can change the world through positive words, conversations, and behaviors.

See how Xander makes his words matter in this book for children ages 9-12.

About Me

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I am a children's book author originally from the Pocono mountains in Pennsylvania. There I lived on a lovely lake where there were no fish, bears or snakes. (wink, wink)


I now live in Venice, Florida which is known as the Shark Tooth Capital of the World and is named for the abundance of sharks' teeth found on the shores.  But that doesn't scare me at all. Why should it? The sharks here obviously don't have any teeth! As an extra boost of luck, there are no alligators or snakes here either.  (wink, wink)

In case you can't tell, I write funny fiction. That means I make up a lot of things and people laugh at me - often.


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