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Moo-La-La-Ti-Da! tells a story of friendship, acceptance, kindness and the value of being unique.

Ella Bella Bovine takes the bull by the horns and makes some changes around the drab farm. She dips her tail in dazzling paint and...Moo-la-la-ti-da!

Most of her friends love the beautified barn and line up for makeovers, but Shania shies away.

She simply isn't fancy.

Can friends stay friends even if they are different?

You bet your cowtail they can! Being unique is what makes us all so moo-velous.



"Boock, author of the chapter book Kinzie’s Got Talent (2020) and its sequels, masters the art of choosing the perfect words for every page, especially glamorous (and sometimes invented) rhymes: razzled, dazzled, and pizazzled describe the farmyard’s renovation. Kuriakose’s painted illustrations are filled with brilliant colors that transform the farm’s original frumpy appearance while highlighting that a sheep’s decision to keep her shag makes her equally lovable. The friendship lesson here, along with the clever turns of phrase and vivid images, are likely to make this a hit with Fancy Nancy series fans."


Moo-La-La-Ti-Da! (Paperback)

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